Provider Staff

Bypass Hurdles Immediately

An efficient and productive office is one that can support doctors, patients, and each other.

It’s great when things go according to plan, answers are immediately available, and communication is smooth. However, with the uniqueness of each patient and situation, this is not always a reality.

From answering billing and insurance questions to handling patient-specific inquiries on pump refills, BHI helps you manage your intrathecal infusion patients, to enable you to have more time to manage your other patients and responsibilities in the office.

In-Home Pump Management

With one of the largest teams of nurses dedicated solely to targeted drug delivery (TDD), we monitor, assess, and address all pump issues so you can focus on other priorities in the office.

Patient Care Management Program

A proactive care program tailored to increase positive outcomes and wellness led by an experienced, multidisciplinary team of specialists.

MD Portal

Our easy-to-access, user-friendly portal provides all the patient information you need in real time, for better communication and care.

RN Express Mobile App

Our highly trained nurses use this app to coordinate care for patients by allowing them to download assessments and relevant patient data. This enables our nurses to stay current during their visits by uploading real-time vital signs, messages, and notes back to physicians and their teams.

Comprehensive Management Program

Proactive approach to meeting all practice needs — from patients without homecare benefits, to buy-and-bill, to in-office refills — that can help increase revenue and decrease office stress.