Broaden Healthcare Impact

As a physician today, you need to be equally committed to serving both your patients and your practice. That’s where BHI can help.

For intrathecal therapy specifically, the burden of dealing with practice obligations — whether administrative needs or pump-related issues — can impede your ability to focus on more critical and profitable activities in your practice.

With one of the largest nationwide teams of skilled home-visit nurses as well as proactive monitoring of patients, pumps, and prescriptions, BHI extends the impact of your practice by taking your care all the way home.

In-Home Pump Management

With one of the largest nursing staffs dedicated solely to targeted drug delivery (TDD), we monitor, assess, and address all pump issues so you can focus on your practice and the care of your patients.

24/7 Monitoring Center

From refills to dose modifications and ongoing care, our comprehensive team of nurses, experts, and office staff work to remove barriers and reduce the workload for you and your practice.

Comprehensive Management Program

Proactive approach to meeting all practice needs — from patients without homecare benefits, to buy-and-bill, to in-office refills — that can help increase revenue and decrease office stress.

MD Portal

Our easy-to-access, user-friendly portal provides all the patient information you need in real time, for better communication and care.

Specialty Pharmacy

USP 797 compliance means confidence you expect in compounding, with a buy-and-bill option, and the support of clinical pharmacists that you need.

Patient Care Management Program

A proactive care program tailored to increase positive outcomes and wellness led by an experienced, multidisciplinary team of specialists.