BHI’s on-site 503A, closed-door, sterile compounding pharmacy exclusively prepares and dispenses patient-specific intrathecal medications according to physician orders. Medication sterility is validated prior to dispensing.

Our pharmacists provide a proactive approach in streamlining pump refill management to enhance prescriber’s care, and offer on-call clinical consultation services to prescribers, nurses, and patients.

BHI’s pharmacists perform drug stability testing utilizing an HPLC machine to collect and analyze stability data on compounded intrathecal medications when manufacturer stability guidelines are unavailable.


Basic Home Infusion is committed to maintaining 100% strict compliance with all regulations governing federal and state healthcare programs, fraud/abuse, ethics, privacy/security, and corporate governance (ie, Safe Harbor, Stark & Anti-kickback Statute), and with all quality standards according to the USP<797>, FDA, BOP’s, TJC, and the DEA. Our commitment protects the patient, our company, and you!